Monday, January 17, 2011

There will always be weeds

I took this image yesterday, not knowing how I was going to use it or what I was really going to do with it.  I just happened to notice the weeds and how they fit into the larger picture.

This morning I was having a discussion with a dear friend and business associate.  We were discussing a problem she was having when I thought about the image I took yesterday.  I said it out loud:

"There will always be weeds." 

We both thought about it for a minute, and realized that yes, weeds are always going to be underfoot.  There will always be weeds in your garden (just as there will always be bugs at your picnic or rain in your day.)  What's important is to quickly deal with the weeds and bugs and then focus and enjoy the surrounding beauty. There's always a bigger picture for you to see.  You just have to see past the little annoyances.  Oftentimes, those little annoyances help you appreciate the good stuff all the more!

(P.S.  I'm excited to announce that this image is the first of a Signature Series called Lessons From the Lens©.  These images will be available as fine art prints on textured portfolio paper or heavyweight giclee canvas.  Stay tuned for more details.)

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  1. Kathy -- What fabulous photography, and wonderful words from you! I'm so glad to hear from you & connect this way. Really look forward to seeing you in the summer!
    Angie Fryer