Friday, September 18, 2009

Have Patience!

I'm attending the Maui Photo Festival and Workshops this week. What an amazing opportunity to be around and learn from the "rock stars" of the photography world. Yesterday started with a 6:00 a.m beach session with Clark Little who's known for his amazing wave photography ( He became more famous when President Obama selected one of his images. About 30 of us got up early to meet Clark and learn how he does what he does. We all wanted to get a great shot of him in the water, but the sun stayed behind the clouds and all we could get were dark, lifeless images. After awhile, most of the photographers left to find coffee and breakfast. A few of us stayed behind, and sure enough, a few minutes later the sun rose high enough to pop over the clouds and highlighted Clark in the water.

Have patience and you'll be rewarded!

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