Sunday, January 3, 2010

Pets like to have their portraits taken, too

Today I was practicing some lighting techniques using my daughter as a model.  After we finished, I noticed one of my cats had jumped up on the settee and looked at me as if to say, "I'm ready to have my portrait done." 

So I quickly adjusted my lights, put a new memory card in my camera, and started shooting. Eventually all four of our cats took a turn, but Boots turned out to be the most relaxed and willing subject.   He even came back for a second sitting after the other cats had finished.

Boots (aka "Mr. Photogenic")

Misty--if she were human she'd be a 1940's or 1950's glamour girl.

"You can bring me a drink and the paper now."

All images copyright Kathleen Davenport Photography


  1. WOW! Kathy those are amazing shots of your cat's and too funny on the captions!!! :)

  2. I had a friend who had 2 black dogs; she got them photographed but they never came out too well, she was told it was hard to get the lighting right for black animals (??) But your black cat photo came out great! they both did.